Chante Truscott is a gifted author, charismatic leader, licensed minister, passionate speaker, wise teacher, and the founder of Wives in Waiting Ministries. Wives in Waiting (WIW) is an international ministry that desires to see women live out their purpose as they fully commit themselves to a personal relationship with Christ. Under Chante’s leadership, Wives in Waiting has globally impacted thousands of lives through a range of programs: Good Thing 101/Favor Revealed, Outreach Teams, Sister CirclesThe Restored Bride Discipleship, and Wives in Waiting Youth (for young women, ages 12-23).  


Chante grew up in church, but didn’t have an authentic relationship with God—it was a personal encounter with Christ while living in South America that altered the course of her life forever and the conception of WIW followed. Since its birth in 2012, WIW has expanded its focus to deliverance, healing, and discipleship “Our main goal is still to walk along side women as we help them honor their commitment to God, addressing the root of why that’s been tough,” says Truscott.   

Chante firmly believes that God has a deep desire to see women grow into exactly who He created them to be. With Chante at the helm, WIW continues to diversify to meet the needs of all women, especially those in vulnerable communities.  

As an Infertility Warrior, Chante was blessed to give birth to a daughter in August 2018. Chante continues to advocate for women battling infertility—raising awareness by partnering with various organizations and rallying with women through compassionate prayer and empathetic support as they walk through their infertility journeys.  

Chante is a proud graduate of American Intercontinental University and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration—Human Resources. As a human resource professional, Chante teaches people how to marry both passion and career through her first of two published works, Process to Your Purpose, a step-by-step guide that gives insight on how to harness your God-given passion into a career that can work for you. Her second book is a thirty day devotional,  For Lovers Only, that gives readers an in-depth look at the love God has for each of His children.  

Chante is married to the love of her life and best friend, Louis Truscott. The trailblazing duo founded Truscott Enterprises, which is home to several ministries that further assist them in reaching God’s people to ignite their passion for Christ. The Truscotts have dedicated their lives, both personally and professionally, to the advancement of God’s kingdom. When they aren’t serving outside of the home, they are leading in their most important roles as the the proud parents of two incredible daughters, Janiah and Carter.  




Director of Ministry Engagement

Jennifer Trotter is a Single Lifestyle enthusiast, conversationalist and Christian Influencer.  She is a rising inspirational voice and has dedicated her life's service to Jesus Christ and the empowerment of women and singles everywhere. Born and raised in the DMV area, Jennifer is a graduate of Morgan State University where she received a B.A in Sociology. Her collegiate experience uncovered her passion for human service and social competence.

Jennifer is known to initiate honest conversations about Christian Singleness and sisterhood. She believes in posing questions that allows readers and audiences to think critically about their connections and future relationships. Many have proclaimed her to be the “singles whisperer”, a stellar moderator and sisterhood sergeant! Her passion for Salvation, Singleness and Sisterhood has afforded her partnerships at the local, regional and national level.

As the founder of Single, Saved and Social, Jennifer is committed to curating spaces and leading discussions for modern Christian singles. In just two short years, SX3 (Single, Saved & Social)  has impacted hundreds of Singles in the DC Metropolitan area, North Carolina and New York through sold out events and local  meet-ups. 


In Wives in Waiting, Jennifer became the leader of the Washington DC Sister Circle in 2017. Since that time, she has held positions of the East Region Coordinator and Prayer and Prophetic Team lead. In her new role as the Director of Ministry Engagement, she is committed to expanding the global digital footprint, continuing the mission to restore the breach in godly sisterhood and deepening the connection among women within in the ministry.

Jennifer believes that her journey with God is a testament to the fact that God keeps His promises! It is her prayer and vow to serve people, love God and Win Souls for Jesus Christ.



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Tiffany Jones

Wives in Waiting Denver, CO

Tiffany Jones is a wife and mommy of 3 (one is an angel baby).

She is the co-leader for our Denver, CO Sister Circle, and she has been with Wives in Waiting since 2016. Currently, she serves on the Prayer and Prophetic Team and serves the WIW Youth group. She has grown tremendously since joining  the leadership team. She has been able to break free from the thought that she couldn’t have meaningful relationships with other women. For Tiffany, being apart of Wives in Waiting means being apart of change, growth, and tearing down barriers. 


Dayna Reid

Wives in Waiting Atlanta, GA

Dayna Reid was born and raised in Jamaica, but currently lives in Atlanta GA, where she is  the sister circle leader and also serves on the communication and hospitality team. She has been apart of Wives In Waiting for 6 years and has been a leader for 1 year. She has been happily married for 6 years now and she and her husband have a energetic and handsome 5 year old son. 

Resia 1.jpeg

Resia Cooper

Co-Leadership & Development Coordinator

Resia’s journey with WIW started in 2013 after being invited by a young lady to a Bible Study call. God pressed it upon her heart to serve and start the NYC-Tristate Sister Circle in 2014. Resia serves the ministry as a co-coordinator for leadership and development.  Resia's current word of encouragement for women is “Life is ever-changing, but where God has called you He will also sustain you. Get planted, create roots, serve God unapologetically with ALL of you!"

Sharva Riggs.jpg

Sharva Riggs

Wives in Waiting , Los Angeles, CA

Sharva Riggs is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur who resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is currently the Sister Circle Leader for Los Angeles, and the leader of both the Prayer and Prophetic Team, and Deliverance Team. Her passion for leading women to live in their true identity is key in her ministry, and has been helpful in forwarding the mission of Wives in Waiting. 


April Fore

Restored Bride Co-Coordinator

April Fore became a part of the Wives in Waiting Team in 2019, after attending a sister circle group and the women in worship experience last fall. She joined because of her passion to see women healed and walking in their God given authority. In 2017 God led April and her 4 children to Maryland. She knows this was completely a kingdom move, She is excited for her next opportunity to serve God’s people alongside Wives in Waiting, in any capacity God sees fit.


Celina Owsley

Wives in Waiting, Cincinnati, OH

Celina L. Owsley lives in Cincinnati, OH. She has been a member of Wives in Waiting since July of 2019, and became a Sister Circle Leader in Cincinnati and a member of the Events team in 2020. Celina is a wife of 7 years to Mr. Ronald J. Owsley and attends The Revealed Holiness House of God.

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Kristin Bush

Wives in Waiting, Chicago, IL

Kris is a servant of God, a daughter too but servant first. Kris’ relationship with God got real after marriage. It was then that she realized the deep need for real relationship with God to save and sustain not just her marriage but herself. Kris has been married for 10 years to her husband Chris and is a mom to their five (yes, 5) children that she also homeschools. Kris serves with great joy as a Sister Circle leader for Chicago, on the Good Thing Team, on the Communications team as well as the Events team.


Marsha Sesay

Wives in Waiting, Nashville, TN

Marsha Sesay is a wife, mother, and woman after God's own heart. She has been a part of Wives in Waiting since it's inception and has served faithfully since then. She is currently the Sister Circle Leader for Nashville, TN where she resides with her husband and son. 

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Lilly Brown

Dear Abigail Coordinator

Lilly Brown is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and Christian influencer who resides in Denver, CO.  She is the lead for Dear Abigail, a leg of Wives in Waiting dedicated to providing a safe space for wives whose husbands struggle with addiction. She has served as Creative Team and Marketing lead and continues to use her gifts and talents in the ministry to aid in the mission to bring women to Christ. 


Laneice McGee

Wives in Waiting Milwaukee, WI

Laneice McGee is an author and entrepreneur who resides in Milwaukee, WI. She currently leads the Wives in Waiting Milwaukee Sister Circle, but she has served in several capacities across the ministry including the fundraising and event planning team. Laneice is known mostly, and appreciated for her bold personality and dynamic teaching style.


JoWanna Roberston

Restored Bride Coordinator

JoWanna Roberston is a New Orleans, LA native and is the Coordinator for Restored Bride, a ministry to bring hope and healing to women in their pursuit of restoration in their relationship with God. Her passion for bringing women into the Kingdom of God is evident as she continues to lend her gifts and talents to bring deliverance, hope and healing to every woman she encounters. She has also served as Sister Circle Leader for Houston, TX and New Orleans, LA. She is also a devoted mother, sister and friend. 


Shalonda Richardson

Good Thing 101 & Favor Revealed Coordinator

Shalonda Richardson is a wife, mom and emerging entrepreneur who resides in Raleigh, NC. She currently serves as the Good Thing 101 and Favor Revealed Coordinator where she equips and empowers married and engaged women with the biblical and practical tools they need to have a Godly marriage. 


Gabrielle Gibson

Wives in Waiting Rhode Island

Gabrielle “Queen G” Gibson is a multi-medium creative, consultant, educator, and public speaker with a heart for affirming women and a passion for storytelling. She joined Wives in Waiting in 2019; currently, she serves as Rhode Island Sister Circle Leader, a member of the Social Media Creative Team, and a member of the Prayer and Prophetic Team. Locally, she serves on the Worship Team, Prophetic Team, and as Creative Arts Director at New Dimension Apostolic Center in Providence, RI.

2nd Headshot_edited.jpg

Terea Lyles

Wives in Waiting Ohio

Terea Lyles is a wife, mother and psalmist from Columbus, OH. She has served in Wives in Waiting as the Sister Circle Leader of Ohio, where she equips and empowers women with the biblical and practical tools they need to live a godly life. Terea's sweet and welcoming demeanor is one of the tools God uses to allow her to be a resource and a blessing to every woman she encounters. 


Shena Love

Wives in Waiting Youth Coordinator

Shena Lives in Nashville TN , Married & Mother of 3. She is our WIW Youth Program Coordinator and she leads youth circles in Lebanon & Nashville Tn. Wives in Waiting Youth is a movement for Young Ladies ages 12-23 honoring their commitment to God. A training ground identical to WIW but with a youthful flair and emphasis on things relevant in their world.


Omowunmi Odedere

Wives in Waiting Greensboro, NC

Omowunmi/Mo Odedere was born in Lagos, Nigeria but she resides in Greensboro, NC. She has been a member of Wives in Waiting since 2015. She enjoys her time as the Greensboro Sister Circle and Creatives Team lead for the ministry. Both WIW assignments allow her the joy of ministering to women in close fellowship and writing to encourage others through devotionals and scripture-centered blogs. She is married with two sons and enjoy building sisterhood with other women based on our growing faith in Christ. 


Davenique Leavings

Social Media Coordinator

As social media coordinator Davenique oversees the Wives in Waiting page network and operations for the organization's mobile app. She is currently based in Jacksonville, FL. Her passion for networking and service continue to aid in the development of her skills and ministry.


Jazman Allen

Wives in Waiting Chicago Co-Leader

Jazman Allen resides in Illinois and has been a member of Wives in Waiting since April of 2020. She became a Sister Circle Co-Leader in the Chicago area in 2020. Jazman has been married for 8 years and is a member of Cottonwood Church. She has is passionate about serving women, and children,  and in ministry. 


Mia Randall

Leadership & Development Coordinator

Mia currently lives in Delaware with her husband, and has been a member of Wives in Waiting since 2015, when she began as a Sister Circle Leader. Mia’s infectious spirit is evident through her smile which has also contributed to her landing the position of Leadership Development Coordinator. As a Leader she encourages the Ministry's leaders and members by using her gifts of Prophecy, Apostleship, and Administration. Mia works in the field of mental health and can often be found edifying God’s people through her passion for complete healing of the mind, body, and soul. 


Shukriyah Thomas

Prayer and Prophetic Team Leader

Shukriyah Thomas is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA. She joined WIW in 2013 after attending a Bible Study call one Thursday night. She previously led the Wives in Waiting Sister Circle in Fort Valley, GA at Fort Valley State University and has served in several capacities within the ministry as needed.  Shukriyah's passion for teaching God's Word and leading women to Christ is evident, and she is grateful to use her gifts and talents to serve as a leader in Wives in Waiting. 

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Monique Williams

Dear Abigail & Outreach Co-Leader

Monique Williams is a wife, mom, and public servant currently residing in Louisville, KY. Most importantly, she is a servant of the Most High with a heart to see God’s justice - and righteousness - enacted on behalf of the broken and those deemed less than worthy by society. She joins the Wives in Waiting leadership team as co-leader for Dear Abigail and Community Outreach.