The forgotten child.


So rarely do we hear of Dinah. Rarely has she ever been mentioned. So here’s a bit of background information, Dinah was the daughter of Jacob and Leah, born after Leah’s six sons (Genesis 30:21). The only girl child born amongst Israel’s twelve tribes. Yet she’s the one who gets little mention. The one who is but a whisper in the Bible. The one who is left unblessed and unmentioned at the end of Jacob’s life.


We get a little bit of Dinah’s life in Genesis 34, when we find her as a young woman visiting the other women in town and her life in uproar. She’s left unescorted (which would have been taboo in Middle Eastern culture, especially at that time) to visit the local women when Prince Shechem grabs her and rapes her. Now here’s where it gets interesting, we are informed of Shechem’s love of her but nothing of how she feels or how she reacts, only how the males in her family reacted. Sis, there will be times when those around you won’t see you or be concerned with what you want or how you feel BUT God sees you.


And here’s the later consequence: after her brothers murdered and plundered Shechem and his entire town for his behavior (mind you this is after she is living with them, so she’s now been sentenced to life as a widow), they missed out on their birthright blessing later for that behavior (Genesis 49:5-6). Sis, even if you never see it in your lifetime, God let’s no injustice or wrongdoing (against you and ultimately Him as your Father) go unpunished. Rest assured that God who sits high and sees even lower, is fighting on your behalf. You only need to abide in Him. He sees you and He counts you valuable to Him.


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