Our Devotional

What Every Woman Can Learn From Eve

What I love about Eve, the first woman, is the fact that she had to learn everything about womanhood directly from God. Unlike the rest of us who had at least one other woman in our life from infancy (mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher or female loved one), Eve had no human being to teach her the business of being a woman, a wife or a mother. Her instructions had to come directly from God. Although Eve did not get the benefit of a childhood or transitioning from a girl to a woman before she became a wife, there is one major thing to be envied about Eve. Eve got to live for a limited time in a world without sin. There was time in Eve’s life, chronicled in Genesis 2:21-25 where Eve knew nothing about shame or condemnation. All she knew was the love of her God and the love of her husband. Every day was a discovery of the beauty of God’s creation. Just like her husband, Eve had no childhood memories or earthly parents, but she was fully dependent on the God who created her, and she lacked nothing.

Although we know that Eve did not enjoy her sinless state forever on the earth, we cannot lose the lesson that her life before the fall gives us.

As women of God starting a new year, we must begin operating like we serve a God who has redeemed us from the fall through His Son. We must begin to get our instructions directly from God, through His Word, His Spirit, and the spiritual authority and accountability He has placed in our lives via the body of Christ on this earth. As followers of Christ, we have the benefit of His redemption. Let us ask the Lord to set our hearts on living like women who have been redeemed. We have access to our Heavenly Father. It is His good pleasure to see us prosper. Let us set our expectations and our standards high. We can live holy and pure lives because we serve a Holy and pure God. We can live peaceably with all men because the Prince of Peace lives within us. We can operate in our homes, marriages and relationships as women who are taught of the Lord because He has been imparting His word to us from the moment we were born again. This may be the only time you hear this but I am admonishing us this year to be like Eve, live a life so fully dependent on God that He is constantly invited to walk through your life as an treasured companion and a trusted friend.

Prayer – Dear Heavenly Father, in this new year I pray that your grace would meet with me and journey with me. Help me to build my relationship with you, without shame and without condemnation because Christ has taken my shame by His sacrifice. Help me to lean on You as my source in my roles as woman, as a daughter, as a friend and as a wife and mother. Give me the grace to be fully dependent on you as both my Creator and My Father. I trust you and I believe that you know best. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.