Our Devotional


As women, we naturally compare ourselves to each other. We compare our looks, our statuses, and our journeys. Never stopping to think of what the woman we envy had to go through to be where she is presently or realizing that what we think about her could merely be an assumption. Leah was able to continue to bear children for Jacob as Rachel stood on the sidelines. Like Rachel, we all desire to have something that seems to be beyond our reach. We believe that God has forgotten us and begin to compare who we are to other women. This is an insult to the one who created you. Rachel had Jacobs heart, but she was still jealous of Leah being able to have children. Her focus became competing with her sister when she never had to compete in the first place.


We are not each other’s competition. Our journeys will never look the same. So, the next time you find yourself comparing yourself to another sister, remember Rachel. Cheer your sister on instead of becoming jealous! Trust God’s timing for your life. When the time is right he will give you the desires of your heart, if it is his will. He has not forgotten you! He remembered Rachel and he remembers you. Genesis 30:22 NIV