Have you ever found yourself in place where you were too ashamed to share what separated you from God? How can you be restored to Him when you’re afraid of being condemned for what you’ve done or thought about doing?

When you don’t think you have anywhere to turn, you make decisions that can convince you to further retreat from the safety of God’s grasp. Desperation has tried to sway each of us into taking matters into our hands that only belong in God’s. No one is too far from God to be restored to their rightful place in the Kingdom.

We are all the Bride of Christ and our rightful place is in fellowship with God, not separated from Him because of sin. God sent His Son to die for the very thing you are struggling with. We want to provide a safe place for you to be restored to the only One who can save us all.

Restored Bride is available to ALL women.  Our mission is to help you through your restoration process in your relationship with Christ and yourself. Through blogs, mentoring, forums, online discussions, counseling referrals, and resource connection our prayer is that you find healing in our Risen King.

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Are you engaged or married?

Join this FREE small- group mentoring program:


Each session will include a group of 8 ladies (or less) led by leaders, Shalonda Richardson and Chante Truscott (they combine for over 20 years of marriage to their husbands) where ladies will receive in-depth teaching and guidance on becoming, discovering, and evolving into the favor God intended you to be as a wife.

  • Homework assignments will be given for practical application to your daily lives.

  • A FB group for your session will be available for support throughout the 8 months 

  • Mentoring will be conducted virtually via Zoom

  • Sessions are held twice per month

  •  Accountability partners are assigned


Wives in Waiting Youth  embodies all of the aspects of Wives in Waiting, but is dedicated to all ladies ages 12-23 who are looking to honor their commitment to Christ. The current Chapters of WIW Youth are located in Nashville, and Lebanon, TN. If you would like more info on how to join, click below!

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