It’s more than just a new year, it’s a brand-new decade. Biblically, we know that time and seasons are important to God. The clock didn’t just strike midnight haphazardly or sneak up on God without His knowledge. This decade was created with intention and purpose, just like your presence in it was.

This new decade is buzzing with excitement and anticipation for us and we want to share with you in all the God is doing in the ministry. We’re taking all of the seeds we’ve planted in years past and believing God for a bountiful harvest. You will see new leaders in the ministry, the launch/re-launch of new Sister Circles, the refining our Discipleship Program, more ways to interact with the ministry, and a big surprise for our birthday in November. We’ve had you on our minds as we’ve prayed about the direction for the new decade. We hope that you see our hearts to serve you in new ways.

As excited as we are, we know that some of you finished 2019 in the worst shape you’ve ever been in. You found yourself depressed, despondent, and dealing with the same old stuff. While some of your sisters in Christ were crying tears of joy when the clock struck midnight, you were weeping over the hardest season of your life. Because we know that all of our relationships with God are in different places, we don’t want to be ignorant in how God is choosing to stretch of us.

So, as I sought the Lord for what He wanted us to focus on for 2020, the word “expansion” kept coming up. For us, and for you!

Not just expanding by increasing but expanding by being pruned.

Our verse for the year is John 15: 2 Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

If you know anything about what causes growth in plants, it comes from trimming and uprooting the “dead” parts of the tree. You don’t just plant it, leave it alone, and it expect it to grow in a healthy way. A tree that’s not pruned runs the risk of being choked out by the weeds and dead things that have a tendency to attach themselves to the plant.
And that, my sister, is how we all find ourselves in different seasons. Because some of you being pruned and it doesn’t feel so good, while others are simply bearing more fruit (which looks easy from the outside). See what He’s saying: He’s pruning you so that you can produce MORE fruit. It’s not a punishment for bad behavior, it’s saying He can get more of the good stuff from you.

So, as we move forward into this new decade, we want you to embrace how God is expanding your soul. He HAS to prune every branch in your life, and he has to take the branches away that are keeping you from expanding. And, remember, expansion is not just about God giving you “more” it’s increasing your impact in different areas of your life. He’s going to expand His spirit in a way that you have never experienced. For some of you, this is going to happen even in your suffering.

One of the new ways we’re expanding is that you are going to be hearing from us EVERY Thursday on our FB page at 7pm CST. We have testimonies, Bible studies, roundtable discussions, Q & A, and so much more for you. We will still be having prayer every 1st and last Monday of each month and we invite you to join our online sisterhood community:

We are also spending this year studying Women in the Word (WIW) because we feel it is so important for you to see yourselves in the word of God. We know that we don't live in biblical times anymore but there is nothing new under the sun and you need to see how God led these women through different seasons of their lives.

We’re being pruned and stretched right alongside you sis, but we’re grateful for the expansion He’s promised.

Your Founder,