Hi beauties!

As July comes to an end and August takes it place it’s another reminder that transition and change are inevitable. Since the end of last year I’ve had this feeling in my soul that a shift was coming. I didn’t know what it would be, how it would look, or how to explain it to anyone. All I knew was that ABBA was doing something and that 2018 would be different. The year began and the feeling only intensified, I began to hear my peers speak the same language, and it became the topic of several conversations. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months the Lord began to reveal that I was being transitioned into a different phase of life. My current season had come to an end, and it was time for me to accept it and let go. This was a hard thing to do, but the moment I did so things begin to change drastically and quickly. I was nervous about my exit from certain ministries and relationships, butwhen God says,” we’re moving on to the next” He means it. He told me he would provide an exit(s) for me and he did just that.

Transitioning into anything new is always exciting yet nerve wrecking and bittersweet. The thought of new always sounds good, until you remember that getting something new typically means it’s replacing something old. While letting go of the old will benefit you in the long run, it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s okay to mourn the closing of a once new door. Walking onto a new street down a different path is breathtaking— it’s an opportunity to learn new things, try new things, and ultimately you become a new thing! You get to take another step down the path of self development. Whenever you’re given an opportunity to become a better person that’s a beautiful and glorious thing!

I know that some of you may read this and think to yourself, “ the season I’m being transitioned into isn’t quite as positive or shiny.” If you can, try to take solace in this... We all have moments in life where the season is one full of hurt, pain, lack, etc. While it may be hard I encourage you to embrace this season anyhow! I am one who is transitioning out of a season that was filled with nothing but all of the aforementioned, I can tell you with certainty that God is good and faithful. He won’t overlook you nor will he forget you while He has you in hiding. He will however; strengthen, encourage, intercede, and cover you. He will love you and keep you, even when you’re feeling distant and upset about the season He has you in. And after you’ve suffered for a little while, the God who loves you and is mad about you will bring you out! (1 Peter 5:10)

So, here’s to transitioning, embracing a new season of life, a new month, and choosing to live and enjoy the life we’ve so generously been given! I pray that this next transition brings you one step closer to being the person you desire to be, and fulfilling the purpose God has designed for you. May God continue to send you strength, peace, patience, wisdom, and blessings!

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