Don't Help God!

We all want to do exploits for the Lord. Am I right? It's the most important commandment in modern-day Christianity. "Use me, God," we pray in sincerity, all the while imagining preaching the Gospel to tens of thousands and traveling to unknown nations to convert the unbelieving.

Okay, maybe that is not the dream for all of us. Some of us are content to impact our own little corner of the world, even if the only people who receive the Gospel from us are our loved ones, our hearts would be satisfied. Whether your dreams are continents-wide or as big as your backyard, as a child of God you have some God-given ideas about how your life should look and the impact you desire to make in the world. God designed us with purpose so it makes perfect sense that we His children would seek to live a purposeful life.

The hiccup many of us face is how to bring the God-given vision to pass. Adam and Eve had an idea. God told them to have dominion and subdue the earth; the serpent pointed them in the direction of the tree that would give them all the wisdom they needed to do just that (never mind that pesky "forbidden fruit" aspect of that plan) so Adam and Eve decided to help God, with disastrous results.

Abraham and Sarah were promised a covenant child. Their biological clocks were not only ticking, they were disintegrating into dust as the years wore on. So Sarah had a brilliant idea. Her husband could give her a child through her maid (because husbands sleeping with the help has always had such great end results). Abraham did not protest too hard and before long Ishmael was born. Sarah and Abraham attempted to help God and generations after them are still paying the cost of the enmity between the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael.

If God has given you a vision, it is imperative to trust His provision. He provides for the vision. The inner whispers of the Holy Spirit that confirm to you that you are indeed made for more than what or where you are currently are not meant to send you into a frenzy of agitated discontent. It is never God's plan for you to lie, cheat or manipulate your way to your expected end. God will give you a hope and a future. You do not have to compete with anyone for it and you definitely do not need to dishonor God to get to the Promised Land of your life.

If God has shown you that you will be married one day, it won't be because you had to break up someone else's home. If God has given you an idea for ministry to serve His people, you will not have to backbite and disparage other gifted ministers for yours to become a household name. If God reveals the grand plans He has for your child, it is not for you to play favorites or idolize their future, sowing seeds of resentment and comparison in your own family or among peers.

God does not need your help to bring His vision to pass. All He is waiting on is your obedience. He is the one who began the good work in you and He is the one who will bring it to completion.

Don't help God. He's got it figured out from before the foundation of the world was laid. Instead trust in His promises and wait well (be at attention, listening for His directions) to see them fulfilled.

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