Are You All In?

Our theme for this year in ministry here at Wives in Waiting is "Commitment." We have been genuinely asking ourselves the question "are you all in, all year?" The newness of the New Year lulls all of us into a elevated sense of productivity. Everyone starts the year with the best of intentions to conquer goals and scale new heights personally and professional, but by February most of the luster has worn off and if we are not careful, all of our good intentions for great things will be packed away with the holiday decorations and lights. It takes more than just wishful thinking to stay committed to the things to which we have pledged ourselves. Your commitment to health and wellness will be tested with every decadent dessert or calorie laden meal that comes your way, not the mention the lure of your bed before daybreak when the gym is beckoning.

Your commitment to God will require more than your good intentions as well. I can now confess that I was embarrassed at my own lack of commitment to the assignments that were granted to me in 2018. By 2019, months had passed with me leaving a significant amount of things undone from the previous year. I was afraid to "recommit" to complete those assignments in 2019 because I did not want to experience the same sort of a failure in a new year. But as one my sisters reminded me, commitment requires faith.

Rather than depending on God's spirit to do the work through me, I had foolishly attempted to follow through on my commitments in my own strength. Even in our relationship with the Lord, our own past failures may keep us from committing to the Lord. Maybe you've tried to commit to the Lord before with your diligence or in your relationships or with purity and fell short; you are afraid to try again because you don't want to look stupid to outsiders or you are afraid you will disappoint God again.

One of the best quotes I've ever heard when it comes to letting God down goes something like this - we cannot let Him down because we are not the ones holding Him up. Thankfully, we are not that powerful but He is. Our faith in God is what we need to honor our commitments because without our connection to Him, every thing we set out to do is nothing more than wishful thinking. Trusting the Lord to plan our commitments and committing our plans into His hands work together to ensure that God is in the process every step of the way. When we get weary, His strength is made perfect in our weakness. When we lose sight of our "why," He brings His vision back to our remembrance. And when we start to feel like we are failing in our commitments, we can be reminded that God is able to sustain us to our expected end. Even if others doubt our ability to follow through, our faith in God gives us the boldness and confidence to know that we will not fail in the things we have committed into His able hands.

With God as our anchor, it is easy to proclaim "yes! absolutely, I'm all in!"

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