Crazy, Right?

There are so many times that I wished that God makes sense. Literally, sometimes I wish He would do things that make the most sense in my logical mind so that my fear, doubt and apprehension would not even be a factor when He gives me a new set of instructions. But a God who is small enough to be understood is not big enough to be trusted, one of my favorite saying goes. Have you ever considered that God only wants to do the impossible? If it were possible to do this life on our own terms, then we would be 'god' over ourselves. But if we are really going to do the uncommon on this earth and display the Kingdom of God on this side of eternity, we have to get comfortable with the discomfort of not knowing who, what, where or how God will do what He has promised. God does not make sense. The Bible says that He uses the foolish things of this world to confuse the wise. The foolishness of God is infinitely better than the wisdom of man.

At least in my own life, God has this habit of speaking impossible dreams into my heart when they seem the least likely. Like assurances of abundance and provision when I am looking at my last dollar, or reminders that disease has been defeated when the diagnosis says there is no cure, or even promises of long life when a loved one is already knocking at death's door. God seems to enjoy putting His children in situations in which continuing to hold on to His promises looks like utter foolishness. We look crazy to believe Him.

But the funny thing about looking crazy is that you only realize you look crazy when you take notice of the crowd. If you are focused on the God who promised - who is also faithful to fulfill that which He has said - you don't really notice the crowd. If you are looking on to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, the crowd tends to fade away. It is okay to look crazy if it results in radical obedience to and unshakable faith in the God who called you to live an uncommon life.

So, if God has called you to singleness and you look crazy for maintaining the standards of holiness and purity in our sex-crazed culture - look crazy but stay faithful to the One who called you. If God has called you to marriage and you currently look crazy for staying, serving and submitting where others would have left - look crazy, but remain faithful to the God who ordained marriage from the beginning. If God has called you to serve in ministry, and you look crazy for continuing to pour yourself out to those who often have nothing to give in return - look crazy, but continue to love "the least of these" as Christ has commanded.

The fact is that we serve a God that is too big to fit in our human mind. His ways look crazy to us. And if we are truly going to be His children and Christ followers, we have to commit to looking just as "crazy" to the watching world. We are called to live in such a way as to make unbelievers doubt their doubt. In order to truly serve the world we are called to make disciples within, we have to turn the world on its head.

The way up is down; to be exalted, you must humble yourself; to be first, you must become last; to be the greatest, you must be a servant of all men; reward people's hatred of you with your love for them. The things we are called to do as believers make no logical sense to the watching world.

It's crazy, right?

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