Get Out Of The Boat!

As we have recently entered the fourth quarter of 2019, one cannot help but to take stock of what has or has not transpired over the last 10 months (wow, where did the year go?). It seems like it was just yesterday that you were waiting on the ball to drop, counting down the moments to 2019’s arrival, with a fresh list of New Year’s resolutions saved on your computer.

Then, poof, you are 10 months in only to discover that you have reneged on quite a few things from your list, or you have scrapped the list all together.

The new year started out with so much promise…you were gonna finally lose that baby weight. You were gonna complete the book you started 5 years ago. And, you were going to finally start your business. Your goals looked so attainable in January, but by mid-March the “new” had already worn off. So, now you are sitting in October wondering what to make of the disappointments of the preceding months. It is now October, and the only things you have to show for 2019 are the agendas for great plans and the weariness of unfulfilled promises.

Yes, the year is almost over. But, there is still time left to accomplish some things in 2019 and finish strong. It may take changing your environment, obeying what God has been told you to do, and a bit of blind faith (ask Peter) but the testimony that follows is well worth it. Peter was on a boat with the rest of the disciples, experiencing some inclement weather, but when given the opportunity to abandon the fear that gripped them all, he stepped out on faith at Jesus’ command. When God calls, you have to be willing to abandon the familiar and do something you may have never done before, even if it means doing it scared.

Peter did not know what was going to happen when he got out of the boat. However, he did know that the One who had just performed a miracle of feeding thousands with two fish and five loaves had just bid him to come. Casting fear aside, Peter got out the boat and did something that he did not know he was capable of…he walked on water! Although he started sinking (which tends to happen when you lose focus) he will forever be known as a water-walker. Even when your inabilities are insurmountable, you have to trust the capabilities of the One who called you. The voice of God will never lead you where the hand of God will not provide for you.

Afterwards, Jesus, took Peter back to the very environment he had to leave in order to obey Him. When Peter returned, with Jesus, the chaos in the atmosphere ceased. In the absence of fear there is peace. When you obey God, you can change the climate of the environment around you, and those close-by experience the peace of God as a byproduct of your obedience.

Cheer up, Chap! What God is calling you to do is not about you. It is so the others, shrouded in fear on the boat, can see and believe! You can walk on water, but first…

You have got to GET OUT THE BOAT!

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