Invisible Bars

Imagine how it feels to be given a proverbial “get out of jail free” card, only to realize that the chains of your past are still holding you hostage. 2020 was proclaimed as the year of Expansion. You, like Orpah, may have been presented an opportunity to step outside of your norm, do something different, or garner new experiences. However, as bad as you wanted it, something wouldn’t let you move forward, or seize the moment. Though nothing physically held you back, you felt the restraints of fear of the unknown, doubt, and uncertainty closing in on you like walls. As we see in the life of Orpah, it’s easy to return to what’s familiar, but what’s the benefit of that. Naomi left the familiar and she goes down in history. Orpah returns to the familiar and is never heard from again. 2020 caught all of us by surprise, except God! Maybe, He allowed the pandemic to change the course of your life to rewrite the narrative of your story. Whatever the reasoning was, when being handed a get out of jail free card, do just that...GET OUT! Shake free from the invisible restraints; trust where/what God is leading you into. No one in your family may have ever done it before, but you be the blueprint for others to follow. Your legacy depends on it!

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