A Partying People: The Practice of Fellowship

Fellowship is like legos. They have interlocking mechanisms that work to hold them together. Fellowship with other believers does that for us by holding the community together. Fellowship reflects deep truth and requires a significant amount of effort. It is also one of the disciplines that cannot be accomplished in solitude.

- Philip Nation

We serve a God who believes in community so much that He lives in community and did so LONG before He created the world and the community of the garden.

Fellowship within the body of believers, within the Bride of Christ, is one that develops our muscle for hospitality and challenges us to be selfless. When we read of Jesus' life we find that He, too, lived in community with the disciples. That they lived together and traveled together. That they were His brothers. They broke bread together.

Then when we go further, the disciples then modeled that in the early church. They were to live in such a way that even if they lived in separate homes, they came together every day not only to pray together and to learn scripture but also to have meals together, to look after each other. They came together to ensure that their poor, the widows, the orphans would not go without. That the needs of all among them were met, even if it meant selling off personal property to meet those needs.

The fellowship of the early church was one where no one went without. There was no such thing as you having more than enough but the person next to you not having enough and you did nothing about it. That was not how they lived. The mindset of community was one of selflessness, it was one that sought after the needs of the group more than the needs of one person.

Philip has us really take a deeper view of what fellowship looks like today. He addresses isolation and solitude. They have their place but it is always a temporary thing. The goal is always to live in community. That is why most homes are built in close proximity to other homes, for community.

Fellowship also builds in us, hospitality. Hospitality would have us invite others into our home for the sake of being able to love on them and fellowship with them. To break bread with them and share a meal. To share the gospel, to pray, and even to heal and intercede. To war in the spirit.

How can you live out the mandate of fellowship?

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