Our Soul’s Desire and Design: The Practice of Worship

We often find ourselves seeking, searching, and satisfy the longing in our souls. Trying new business ventures, creating platforms, and watching to see what “Jane Doe’s” next move is so that you can be two steps ahead. Is that really walking in purpose at all? Does that truly satisfy the longing in your soul? There is a more excellent way.

We aspire to live a purposeful life, and rightfully so; however, we must start from a place of purpose instead of living to reach our purpose. There is a question we must ask ourselves that will change the trajectory of our lives. “Why was I created”? Answering this question from a place grounded in the word of God will ignite you in ways you can not imagine. What does the word say about your purpose and the reason for your existence?

Bring all who claim me as their God,

for I have made them for my glory.

It was I who created them.

- Isaiah 43:7

I have made Israel for myself,

and they will someday honor me before the whole world.

- Isaiah 43:21

This completely changes the game! Start there. We were first created for the glory of God. We were created for him. Our purpose on earth begins with worship. Worship is not a song. Worship is a surrendered life. From this surrendered life flows rivers of living water. Purpose. The ultimate desire of your soul and the very reason you were crafted was to live a surrendered life found in the practice of worship whereby everything else follows.

Worship and community is the purpose for which we were created. The Word tells us that everything on Earth will praise the Lord (Psalms 66:4; 150:6). Then later in the New Testament, we are then reminded again that every knee will bow at the name of Jesus. We were created to worship. And we do so in community. God created us for community. When He created Adam, He said it is not good for the man to be alone, so He created woman. Worship is a way of life. Adam & Eve's existence in the Eden was one of worship, why? They were doing what God created them to do and they lived in fellowship with each other and with God.

Sister, make it your mission this week to live life in fellowship with others and with God.

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