Spiritually Strong (Week 3)

Welcome back to Week 3 of our book study, Spiritually Strong.

Last week, we read and discussed chapters 4 & 5 of Spiritually Strong by Kristen Feola. This week we are moving forward to chapters 6 & 7. These are the harder chapters of the group. Why? Because they involved literally denying your flesh. Fasting and Healthy Living.

When you fast, you are literally depriving your flesh of physical sustenance so that you can receive spiritual sustenance and devote yourself unto God wholeheartedly. Fasting is not something you do without preparation. It is something that you do in tandem with last week's spiritual disciplines: prayer and bible study. Majority of the time that you read about fasting in the bible, it is literally accompanied by prayer.

And like prayer, fasting has its small list of do nots as well. Like prayer, fasting to be seen by others is the no-no. Like prayer, when we fast, it's a sacred act between us and God. Unless you are corporately fasting with your church or ministry, there really isn't a need to discuss it. During fasting that is a time to reach for Jesus every time you get the hunger or urge to reach for food or a snack. The bible is clear, fasting is not optional. Jesus doesn't say if you fast but when you fast.

Healthy Living is very straight-forward. Kristen reminds us of an important truth we tend to neglect: our bodies are a temple. They are a place to invite the Holy Spirit into. Yet we desecrate them regularly by what we eat, what we watch, what we listen to, what we put into them. Do you think God wants to reside where there is filth or pollution? Yet that is what we expect Him to do when we overeat, smoke, drink, watch/listen to things that are immoral or promote immorality. So how do we change this? By promoting healthy eating and living habits such as:

  • Being mindful of how much you eat (gluttony is a sin)

  • Being mindful of what you watch or listen to

  • Exercise regularly, shower regularly. Take care of the temple you invite God into

  • Keep all forms of pollution out

Your task this week is to take either 24 hours straight to fast OR fast for 12 hours two days straight. Also start taking into account what goes into your body from every entry point (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, genitals, emotions) and submit it ALL to the Holy Spirit. Whatever is not pleasing to Him (most is very black & white) reject the desire for it.

As you go through the fasting, get you an accountability partner. If you do not have one, head over to the WIW private Facebook group so that we can help you find one.

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