Spiritually Strong (Week 4)

Welcome back for week four of Spiritually Strong. This week will be talking about exercising our financial stewardship and service muscles.

These are just as important as the prior 4, as Jesus told us, where your treasure there is also your heart (Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34). He also told us how the treasure we have stored up in our hearts dictates what our actions will be, so if there is evil treasure then evil actions but if there is pure/good treasure then our actions will follow. Good financial stewardship is a trait that is expected of all believers. Jesus taught on this with the parable of the talents. Steward well what you are given before it is taken from you.

So, what does good financial stewardship look like? It looks like priorities. First priority? God. Pay your tithe, it is literally returning to God what He has already given you. It is better to live off the blessed 90% than to have a cursed 100%. Then, pay your bills. You know what it takes to run your home and maintain your vehicle. You know what commitments you have made. Those come before your entertainment and clothes shopping. If you need help get a budget planner (yes those are available) so you can track your expenses (your banking app tends to help as well). Then adjust your habits accordingly. And before you shop or entertain, save. Have a savings goal in place.

Then when it comes to serving others, that too is a Jesus mandate. In John 13, Jesus, the Messiah, the Lord, the Teacher, the Leader, got down with a towel around His waist and washed His disciples' feet. This was like the lowest job for the lowest servant and yet Jesus took it upon Himself to serve in this manner. Then He told them, the same way He serves them, they are to serve each other. We have that same mandate to serve others and to serve them well. Even if that service means getting down and dirty or perhaps even being uncomfortable. Another time Jesus taught on service was in Matthew 25, He tells us that what we do for the least is what we have done to Him. Jesus is making it clear that favouritism is not an option. He is not okay with us treating people well if are well off but treating others poorly. No bueno.

This week, take time to look at your budget. You know where your treasure is based on where your money is going each month. Adjust accordingly. Then, look at your opportunities to serve, are you stewarding them well? Or have you been avoiding service? Ask God to put you in a position to serve others like Jesus.

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