Spiritually Strong Week 5: Plan for Success

Welcome back to week 5 of Spiritually Strong!

This week we are going to prepare ourselves to embark on a six-week program. The goal of the program is obedience to God and practical application of His Word. But during it, you will exercise and strengthen your spiritual muscles.

So, the first thing you want to do is plan and establish your training schedule. Your broad schedule is a six-week bible study with each week having a different theme.

  1. Commitment

  2. Power

  3. Perseverance

  4. Joy

  5. Peace

  6. Victory

So, for six days you will work on a different spiritual discipline. Then on the seventh day, you will have a rest day (but still be in the Word and in attendance for a church service).

Monday: Bible Study

Tuesday: Prayer

Wednesday: Fasting

Thursday: Healthy Living

Friday: Stewardship

Saturday: Service

Sunday: Rest

The goal of this schedule is to establish a daily habit of studying God's Word; to grow in prayer and praying consistently; to participate in fasting, making consecration a regular part of life; to improve our health so the Holy Spirit has a healthy dwelling place; to better steward our finances, time, and energy; to get comfortable with regularly serving other; and finally to understand the principle of rest.

Then when you head to pages 130-132 that is where you will see a sample outline of goals to set for the program of how you want to grow in each area over the next six weeks.

Now prepare and put your plan to work.

Get what you need for each day. If it’s a new study bible, get it ordered. Or perhaps its new weights/dumbbells/walking shoes get them ordered or picked up from the store. Even if it is figuring out where or how you will serve others each week, do your research. And get your accountability partner involved with you so you both get stronger and go deeper in God together.

Share with us below your goals for the program!

See you next week for week 1 of the program!

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