Spiritually Strong Wrap Up

Thank you!

Thank you!T the end of quarter 1, we are thankful you have joined us in our first book study.

Over the last three months, we have been setting a foundation. One that is built upon relationship and discipline. It is one thing for us to know of God, it is another thing to be disciplined enough to know Him intimately like we would our husbands. Yet that is the goal for every person who chooses Christ, to become His Bride. To be His Bride means to accept Him as first, before our earthly spouses and children; first before our jobs and desires.

So, let's talk about setting the foundation this quarter. This quarter you spent the last six weeks honing in on daily bible study, daily, exercise, daily prayer, weekly fasting, weekly serving, and practising healthy eating habits. These foundational new habits are what will set your foundation moving forward. They will prompt you to spend time with God daily, which fosters a relationship with the Father. We cannot foster the relationship for you, but we can and have given you the tools to get there.

This past weekend we had Thursday Tea Time with the Prayer and Prophetic Team, a weekend of prayer strategy with The Chessboard Strategy nights on Friday & Saturday, then we wrapped up with a night of activation on Sunday.

Our sincere hope is that you are grasping these tools that we are handing out and putting them to use chiselling out your custom armor and standing battle ready.

We look forward to seeing you next as we introduce our book and plan for quarter 2!

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