The Program Week 1


Welcome back!! This week we are beginning The Program. We will commit ourselves to the disciplines that make for a healthy life, both physically and spiritually. Our week begins on Monday and continues to Sunday (our rest day). Each day we will focus on a different spiritual discipline as we build on each one until we have completed them all by the end of the week.

On Monday, focus on bible study and read Psalm 119:1-8. But when we are grounded in the Bible and the truths contained therein, we have the God-given confidence to stand up to any trial and be assured of the victory that lies in Jesus. What benefit have you reaped by being rooted in God’s Word? Journal your insights. On this day, 30 minutes of cardio.

On Tuesday, focus on prayer and read 1 Chronicles 29:1-20 as your warm-up. If nothing else, we have piqued their interest in knowing more about this God who is so worthy of our worship and adoration. Today, practice praising God by using the ABC exercise (describe the attributes of God using the letters of the alphabet. “Lord you are amazing, beautiful, compassionate, my deliverer, eternal, faithful, etc.”). 30 minutes of core exercise (hip bridges & hip planks)

On Wednesday, focus on fasting and read Luke 2:1-38. As you read today’s verses consider the benefits of fasting. Fasting fills us with joy and allows us to see God more clearly. Fasting is a practical way to partake in the suffering of Christ. 30 minutes of cardio.

On Thursday, focus on healthy living and read Romans 12:1-2. We need to be healthy in a holistic way, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In what ways has healthy living become an act of worship to God in your life? Journal your thoughts. Today, invest in exercise equipment that will help you meet your physical goal (good walking/running shoes, dumbbells, workout videos, or athletic wear). This day you will be doing 30 minutes of strength exercises, you’ll want to refer to the book & on how to do them.

On Friday, read Matthew 6:19-21 and Colossians 3:2. The reward of putting all our treasures in the hands of the Lord is that we know they are secure, and no devourers can eat away at them. Journal some benefits you have experienced by putting your treasures in God’s hands. Today, write a check for 10 percent of your gross income and send it to your church. This day we’re doing 30 minutes of cardio, either invite a friend or do an online class.

On Saturday, read Galatians 5:13-14. How would you define freedom in Christ? What is the purpose of the freedom we have given? Write down your thoughts. What are some ways to love others as yourself? Quick examples include praying for others, meeting their physical needs when you are able (food, clothing, shelter, safety) and offering love and compassion without hesitation. Remember a time when someone did something unexpected that blessed you? Journal about the experience and what it meant to you. Today, do something kind for a neighbor or friend (yard work, cook a meal, plan a visit or a call, etc). 30 minutes of core exercises, again refer to the book for the exact ones Kristen sets out.

On Sunday, rest. Meditate on the following verses:

  • Proverbs 3:5-6

  • Proverbs 16:3

  • Psalm 119:16

  • Matthew 6:33

  • Psalm 90:17

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