The Program Week 2


Progress is not possible without power. And the power we need can only be found in Christ.

So breath that sigh of relief that you are not expected to complete this program in your own strength but by depending on God's strength.

Welcome back! We hope your first week in The Program was successful, did your prayer/accountability partner join you? For the rest of the Program, we'll keep the weekly posts fairly simple and to the point. Our goal is to get you into the Word and if you do not have the book, you should be able to follow along for the most part. Although you'll miss out on the daily bible study exercise questions, Kristen's exercise plan, the daily prayer, and daily challenges.

  • Monday's Bible Study time is spent in Matthew 4:1-11.

  • Tuesday's Bible Study time is spent in 1 Chronicles 29:1-20.

  • Wednesday's Bible Study time is spent in Luke 2:1-38

  • Thursday's Bible Study time is spent in Romans 12:1-2

  • Friday's Bible Study time is spent in Matthew 6:19-21

  • And Saturday's Bible Study time is spent in Galatians 5:13-14

Be sure to get into the exercises and answer the questions. Make sure to record your responses, you never know when God will take you back to them.

  • Monday: cardio training

  • Tuesday: core training

  • Wednesday: cardio training

  • Thursday: strength training

  • Friday: cardio training

  • Saturday: core training

Cardio and core training are a core part of your physical exercise this week because it helps to build the stamina to do everything else. So be sure to get into the Exercise each day, Kristen Feola has specific sets of exercises to do each day.

You also have a daily prayer and challenge every day. If you feel stretched, it's OKAY and actually, it is GOOD. Share with us in the comments about what exercises you enjoyed and what you gleaned from your daily bible study. And share with a friend or your accountability partner. It is always easier when doing so in pairs.

After week 1, how are you feeling? Which exercises felt most effective for your body? Did you complete the challenges? Sound off in the comments!

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