The Program Week 4

Welcome back!! We are in the home stretch sisters!


Find joy in your consistency now. Even if you miss a day, get right back to it the next day.

So for week 4, We are following the same plan:

  • Daily Bible Study with accompanying questions (because bible reading turns into study when you add the pen & paper to write down what you're learning and inquire of the Word and find the answers to those inquiries).

  • Daily Prayer

  • Daily Exercise

On Monday we will be digging into a cardio workout. Tuesday will be strength and core exercises. Wednesday we will do more cardio. On Thursday we will focus on just strength building. Friday will be focusing on cardio. And Saturday we will wrap the week up with core exercises.

And remember we fast on Wednesdays. With your exercise, keep it moderate so you do not over exert yourself while fasting.

So to kick off this month, I want to answer a question for you, why should we do so much cardio?

Cardio exercise uses the large muscles of your body in movement over a sustained period of time, keeping your heart rate to at least 50-percent of its maximum level. With regular aerobic exercises, you will have a stronger cardiovascular system, with more capillaries delivering more oxygen to the cells in your muscles. You will also enjoy increased stamina and endurance with each passing session.

This whole plan is important because the same way we need to give our natural bodies the right foods and workouts in order to gain strength and endurance, our spiritual bodies need the right food (the Word of God), meaning whole meals not just snacks (devotionals & quick reading plans) AND the right workouts (prayer, fasting, tithing, serving others).

So THIS is why we start off a year of deeper with getting spiritually strong. You cannot survive in deep water without this strength and preparation.

Share with us your wins each week! We want to celebrate with you!

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