The Program Week 5

Welcome back to Week 5!!


In John 20:19-20, Jesus appeared to His disciples after He had been crucified and the first greeting that He spoke to them was “peace be with you.” This is a timely greeting because imagine all the emotional and spiritual turmoil His disciples have encountered to see their Master crucified? Jesus knew better than anyone else that His disciples desperately needed peace. The same is true today for modern disciples. The first thing we need when life deals us deadly blows is not a quick fix; it is the peace of God. Peace is a gift that only God can give. Many of us think peace is a feeling, when in fact it is the character of God. Jesus is not called the Prince of Peace for no reason. One of our challenges as believers is to allow the peace of God to rule our hearts and minds. To begin this week, write down everything that worries you and begin to confess them to the Lord, declare and receive His peace over these worries. Thank Him for his peace and tear up that paper and throw it away!

On Tuesday, focus on your prayer posture. Read Daniel 6:1-23. In the story of Daniel, we see that Daniel’s enemies knew him for prayer and were able to use his devotion to God to entrap him. What are you known for? Are you a woman of prayer or a person of worries? Daniel was committed to God and devoted to prayer even if it landed him in the lion’s den. Many of us are only committed or devoted to the things of God if we can be assured that it will not bring us any harm. Today, I challenge us to be like Daniel and make a singular devotion to God, even if it brings us face to face with our enemies. Daniel was able to trust God in a dangerous situation. If we endeavour to do the same, we must be devoted to prayer. Today, reflect on how God has shown his power in response to your prayers. Write your thoughts in your journal.

On Wednesday, focus on fasting. Read Isaiah 58:1-12. Many times as believers, if we are not careful of our motives, fasting becomes a mundane routine rather than a spiritual discipline that engages our spirit and our hearts. In this passage of Isaiah, we find that there are some fasts that God actually finds offensive! Imagine going through the motions of spiritual exercises only for them to be rejected by the God of heaven. In order for our fasting and prayer to be acceptable to God, they must be done according to His word and His will. If we are fasting yet persist in being rude, vengeful, or lacking in compassion – it will do us little good before God. What are some ways that you can show compassion to others as part of your time of fasting? Journal about them and implement one this week.

On Thursday, focus on healthy living. Read Romans 8:5-11. There is an ongoing war between our flesh and our spirit, and this war affects everything, especially our minds. When we are spiritually minded, we do the things of the Spirit of God. When we are carnally minded, however, we are being led to our deaths by the desires of our flesh. What are some ways that we can experience joy and peace when we steward our physical bodies to God’s glory?

On Friday, focus on financial stewardship. Read Proverbs 6:6-8 and Luke 14:28-30. Planning for our financial future is not only wise but biblical. When we fail to plan in this way, we may undertake projects that cannot be completed and thus waste resources that should have been invested in other ways. Have you ever begun a project without counting the true cost (financial or otherwise)? What was the result? Write down your experiences and reflect on any lessons learned. Today, begin a plan for saving three to six months worth of expenses. If you already have such savings in place, brainstorm on how to increase it and begin immediately (or alternatively, implement a plan to pay off your mortgage or other significant debt).

On Saturday, focus on serving others. Read Romans 2:6-11. We know that our salvation as believers does not come from our works, but if we can’t work our way to heaven, why do good works at all? Because a faith that does not result in good works that bless others on the earth and glorifies God in heaven is a dead faith. When we reach out to others in their time of need, we assure them of the love and care of the Living God. Our compassion is their evidence that God indeed cares about the details of their lives. Being assured of God’s love for them brings a significant measure of peace to our neighbors. We have a duty to spread this Gospel of peace. Our good works are evidence of our faith in God because only the love of God can truly motivate and inspire us to lay down our lives, money, and comfort for the sake of others. How have you demonstrated your faith in God through your care for others?

On Sunday, focus on rest. Thank God for being Jehovah Shalom and ask Him for the grace to be a peacemaker. Meditate on the following verses: Judges 6:24, John 16:33, Matthew 5:9, Hebrews 13:20-21, James 3:18, 2 Peter1:2.

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