The Program Week 6


We are in the last week of the program! Seriously, we are so proud of you!


This last week is about finishing strong and celebrating your success. While you have come to the end of the program, it is not the end of your race. You have to continue to press forward, continue to be disciplined, continue to do the work to study daily, exercise regularly, fast regularly, and serve others with joy.

This week's study focus is on our lives as Christians.

So for Monday, you'll be studying in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, you'll do some cardio, and there's a challenge from Ephesians 6:10-18.

On Tuesday, you'll be studying in Acts 1: 1-14, you'll do some strength and core training, and the challenge is to intercede on behalf of someone who does not yet know God.

On Wednesday, you'll be fasting and your daily challenge will be to invite someone to fast with you! So be sure to spend your mealtimes with God (study, pray, worship). Today your study time will be in Esther chapters 3, 4, & 5:1-2. You will be doing cardio training.

On Thursday, you will be focusing on healthy living and your daily challenge is to identify challenges that hinder you in living a healthier lifestyle. Then you want to pray for a plan then document that plan so you can walk out that plan. Then get into your daily exercise, which is strength training.

Fridays are for financial stewardship. So you'll be studying in Mark 12:41-44, you'll focus on cardio training, and your daily challenge is to give your tithe. It is something very simple that most people do not do at all.

To wrap up the week on Saturday, you will focus on serving others. Your study time will be spent in Exodus 17:8-13 and you will do core training. The daily challenge for Saturday will have you in a position to support someone. The goal is to do it as unto God not looking to be repaid.

And finally Sunday. REST. Go to church, worship, and prepare for the new week.

We thank you for hanging in with us on this quarter's book and the program. We would LOVE to hear and spotlight some of your testimonies!

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