Travels Through the Garden: Coming to Love Christ

Many a fairy tale or story starts off with "in the beginning" yet for most other stories, what follows isn't the world's origin story, it's real true origin story that explains where the earth comes from, where humans and animals come from, and why wrongdoing (sin) is in this world. But for the Bible, we get the real deal. We get how God created this world. We gain a proper perspective of our place in the grand scheme of things.

Adam and Eve, had initially what was the perfect existence. In a place where God regularly communed with them. There was no issues, no chaos, no suffering. Only them, paradise, and God. Then come the fall and the beginning of God's pursuit of mankind. One thing we learn when looking at the bible from a macro lens is that God has been in pursuit of mankind since Genesis 3.

The very first question God ever utters is "where are you?" That is a calibrating question. If you ever feel off track and want to get back to a place of surrender, a place of faithfulness, a place of knowing and being known, start with this question. Where are you? And be honest, where do you find yourself, who is there with you, and what are you doing? Do these things align with God's Word? Answer God. Tell Him where you are. You are never too far gone that God's grace can't find you.

And the best part? God knew humanity would always get lost, would always need to be rescued, would always need Him to show up in the clutch. And He sent His Son. His Amazing Son to be the ultimate sacrifice for every person who would choose to believe in Him. We often say God did this not knowing who would accept Jesus, but His omnipresence says that He knows. God continuously shows up and pursues us. In Revelations 3:20, we are given the glimpse that God is always standing at the door knocking. It is up to us to answer the door. God is ever pursuing us, it is up to us to embrace.

As we embark on holiness, we must embrace. Embrace holiness. Pursue holiness. Multiple times in the Word, we are exhorted to pursue holiness, because God is holy. Our ultimate end game is eternity with Him, so we must pursue holiness and righteousness. Amen?

As you travel through the garden, seek out the garden's Creator. See you next week.

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