Treaty or Surrender: The Practice of Submission

The act of surrender is quite different. When a nation surrenders, its sovereign borders are taken down. COntrolling power is given away to another power's structure. Instead of trading favors, every resource is now owned by the stronger power.

- Philip Nation

The moment we say yes Lord, is the moment we enter a battlefield of unseen proportions. We enter a space where war is declared on us because we chose Jesus. And in that war, we can either be beaten down by the enemy, left wide open to attack after attack, leaving our families open to attack. OR we can choose to surrender to Jesus. In that surrender we give Jesus controlling power over ourselves, we give Him ownership of our resources. That is how we gain the upper hand in this war of epic, unseen proportions. We surrender to Jesus, choosing to obey Him in all things, choosing to love the Lord with all our hearts, mind, and strength, choosing to seek FIRST the kingdom of God.

And when we choose submission to Christ, we tend to realize that we've gained something amazing. Armor. Ephesians 6, tells us of armor that is ours upon submission to Christ. Armor that allows us to withstand the attacks of the enemy and also to return the blows. Armor that not only protects us but also protects our families, our marriages.

Submission allows us to serve even when our flesh does not want to. Submission is what allows us to accept rebuke instead of rebelling and "clapping back." Submission is what allows a marriage to truly honor God the way He intended it to. Submission allows the family unit to be God-honoring and fruitful, for children to seek after God of their own accord because the way mama behaved at home was the same way she behaved at church. The transparency is there and it beckons our families to want to serve the God that we serve.

So now I ask you, are you still trying to compromise with Jesus or are you ready to surrender. To submit to Him. To see all that He can do in you and through you because we cannot think or imagine what God has for those who love Him. And to love Him is to obey Him, not out of fear but out of LOVE.

See you, next week sis!

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